Best Security Systems for Home or Business

The home security industry has grown over the years. With new DIY systems taking over the industry, it is hard to choose the right systems for your home. We created this list of the best security system based on type of home. All systems on this list, except Lorex, offers 24/7 professional monitoring. Here are the best home security systems! 

 1. Best Overall Home Security System 

Vivint offers the best system on this list for having the most flexibility on the market.

Vivint offers the best Overall system out there, we’ll better than competitors like ADT and Sloman Shield. Packed with good security cameras and sensors, Vivint also offers seamless connection with their smart home systems as well. They also offer professional installation. You won’t need another system, or a second set of cameras and sensors from other brands. However, all that in house protection comes at a hefty price. 

 2. Best DIY system for Apartments 

Simplisafe has come a far way over the years. It’s the best choice for budget buyers, apartments, or condos.

 You’ve probably heard about SimpliSafe on the market. With many awards from expert tech magazines, SimpliSafe definitely has some great features to it. They offer the cheapest 24/7 monitoring rate on the market, just $27.99 (depending on location) gives you full 24/7 monitoring and police response. They also have a great “duress” pin mode, that allows you to enter a silent emergency pin during a hostage situation. The pin won’t sound the alarm but will contact local law enforcement immediately. Simplisafealso offer simple to setup devices, sirens, entry sensors, water sensors, temperature sensors, and a lot more. They also offer indoor and outdoor cameras with a suite of accessories for each. They make the top of the list for the best home or business security systems of 2023. 

 Best Wired Security System (no monitoring) 

Lorex offers the best wired camera system on the market, however, it doesn’t offer 24/7 professional monitoring.

Lorex has made a lot of changes over the years, putting them as a well contender over other home security systems like ADT. The company offers great hardwire DVR (CCTV) Cameras that can be connected to monitors, TV’s, and view with Alexa devices and on your phone. You will need someone to help you install their cameras. Most of their cameras are also tamperproof, which means it would take a burglar a long time before they could take it break or take the cameras. Their catalog of cameras has many different options, so be sure to check them out here. Note: Lorex doesn’t offer cloud storage, and no professional monitoring. It’s a great camera system to pair with a home security system like SimpliSafe. 

Best Wire-free Home Security System 

Arlo offers the best smart camera system on this list. However, it is pricey to run. Also, if you aren’t great with technology, you’re better off choosing Simplisafe or Vivint over this.

 Imagine combining Lorex and SimpliSafe together, and you get Arlo! Arlo offers amazing cameras that can work via cloud storage, either record-by-motion or 24/7 recording. Cameras have a built in siren (that kind of sounds like a very upset momma bird when activated) to help scare away intruders. There is no main base station like other companies. Instead, there is one keypad that has dedicated buttons for alarm, police, fire, and medical emergency. If you are deciding to get a system like Arlo’s, but not looking to pay a hefty fee per month, be sure to check out our blog on setting up a great home security system with SimpliSafe and Lorex Cameras. 

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