Best Business Online Learning Platforms of 2023

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The world wide web has made learning and growing much easier for anyone at any age. Today, a high school student can learn how to be an E-commerce expert, no extra time in a classroom required. These are the best websites for anyone looking to learn how to start their own business or advance their career skills. 

Best to Learn Freelancing Skills: Fiverr Learn

If you’ve been looking to start a side hustle, and chose freelancing to be your winning ticket, you should definitely check out Fiverr LearnFiverr Learn is Fiverr’s own learning platforms for newbies, and experienced freelancers, to learn new skills and how to implement those skills into growing a career on Fiverr. Courses range from $20-$50, and typically take 1-6 hours to complete. Fiverr doesn’t give certifications, but they display badges on your Fiverr seller profile to potential buyers, which increases your chances of getting orders!   

Best for Earning Career Advancement Certifications:

No matter what age we are, our learning experiences never end. Many career professionals, like nurses and engineers, look to expand their skills in other professions, like business or computer science. Edx is a nonprofit institution created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Along with many other colleges and universities, the website offers anyone ages 13 and older to learn new skills in many different professions. They also offer degree opportunities, and professional certifications as proof of your knowledge. 

Best for Learning Business Skills for Free: Google Digital Garage

Learning how to start a business is not as easy as it may sound. However, many people are learning about business and E-commerce everyday, without going to college for a degree. The best free website to brush up on business skills is Google Digital Garage. Google offers small courses that can teach you about the fundamentals of Business, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and much more! 

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